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Of the various casino games online including blackjack, slots, and other games, Baccarat is a card game that is most popular. The free online Baccarat is a game that New Zealanders particularly favour. There are three versions that players love to play baccarat online free including PuntoBanco, Chemin de Fer, and Deux tableaux versions. We bring you all the new and top rated online Baccarat NZ games that you can play on safe, legal, and legitimate casino sites that have a proper license. The casinos in our site have the best reviews and feature live dealer games and real money online casino Baccarat that accept money in New Zealand dollars and helps winners receive huge payouts. And the payments methods include PayPal and other similar secure methods.

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    How to enjoy Baccarat Lucky Nugget fun play Online

    You can directly play online casino Baccarat from your desktop or on your mobile by following the rules below:

    • 1 is the value of Ace cards
    • The cards with numbers 2 to 9 have a value equal to their face value
    • 10s, J, Q and K do not have any value
    • The highest hand value possible when you play baccarat online is a total of 9 from two cards. This makes you win automatically provided another player does not hold a hand that totals 9.
    • If the sum total of cards dealt is more than 10, then 10 will be deducted to get a number of single digit. For instance, if you have a hand of 8 and 7, after subtracting 10 its value will be 5. For 10 and K the total value is 0.
    • Although the way the hands are valued may confuse you initially when you practice free online baccarat before you start with the real money online Baccarat games you are sure to master the game.

    Main Baccarat Terms

    • Hand: This denotes cards dealt to a player and played in a single Baccarat round.
    • Dealer: Dealers are casino employees situated near Baccarat table who handle bets and money but do not handle the cards
    • Cheques: Chips made exclusively for Baccarat
    • Commission: Casino fee charged for winning bets in Baccarat. It is placed on banker bet and is about 5%. This is to compensate for the low amount of house edge present for a specific bet.
    • Face card: King, Queen, Jack which carry 0 value form the face cards
    • Down card: This card is dealt in face down position to the player
    • Upcard: Card placed face up on a Baccarat table.
    • Flat bet: Wagering a single bet continuously via different rounds without moderation.
    • House edge: The inbuilt advantage created by the casino on any bet.
    • High Roller: This denotes a player placing a bet of huge value.
    • Player bet: This is one among the three Baccarat bets available to a player and has 1.36% house edge paying even money.
    • Natural: When the initial two cards in our hand forms a winning Baccarat hand equalling nine or 8 in value, it is called natural and ends the round with the winners collecting the wagered money.

    Best Baccarat Strategies

    To gain the upper hand in online Baccarat NZ, you need to master certain skills. Here are a few top strategies that will help you:

    • Playing free online Baccarat regularly will give you sufficient experience to improve your betting strategies.
    • Read and follow rules carefully and play Baccarat online free before you try the real money games.
    • Avoid betting on a tie. Your chances of winning a tie are minimal and you are more likely to lose before you win at a tie.
    • Bet on banker’s hand, if you are in doubt. This is a safe bet with small odds advantage that can work in your favour
    • Be a responsible player. Begin with smaller bets and raise the bets gradually after you know the rules and luck is in your favour.
    • Avoid playing on tables that have high bets as Baccarat is a game of luck that can go either way.

    How to Win Jackpot

    In spite of the mysterious aura surrounding Baccarat online, it is an easy game that can reward you well if you play sensibly and with a clear head. Discipline and sticking to your own strategy can easily win you the royal and huge jackpots.